Recording David Masterson at Christ Church Anglican in Southern Pines, NC.

Concert pianist David Masterson contacted me about recording, mixing and mastering his new album, Desideratum.  David was playing a beautiful Steinway baby grand piano.  We used two Avantone C12 tube microphones directly over the piano strings and an AKG 214 about 12 feet way to capture the room sound. The resulting recorded sound was fantastic. The close mics provided a vivid clarity and the room mic added the ambiance of this lovely small church. David's playing is stellar.

We later added the tracks to ProTools to mix and then master. We used the Universal Audio Precision Limiter plug-in to balance the soft spots and peaks.

All in all a great series of sessions.  With a top notch performer, a great instrument and good sounding room - what more can you ask for?

The Avantones are quite heavy, so we recruited a couple of pew cushions for support.

David at the Steinway keyboard.

Keeping my eye on the levels as we record.

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