Why There's No Substitute for Live Music at Your Wedding

Your wedding is a special day, maybe the most special day in your life, and there is nothing more ceremonious or celebratory than live music.

We live in a D.I.Y. world, and I love that. We live in a digital world and I love that, too. But let's not pretend that your iPod and your buddy who is "good with technology" is the best course of action when it comes to you or your beloved walking down the aisle.


Aside from it being infinitely more elegant to have live music for your ceremony, we are living people with eyes and ears who can adapt when the flower girl gets distracted and messes up the timing of your processional and who can add a tasteful "grand pause" for your officiant to say, "Please Rise," just before you or your betrothed make your way down the aisle.

We know more music than you do (it is our job) so when you tell me you're having a rustic, farm-to-table barn wedding I'm not going to force you into Pachelbel's Canon in D, or anything else that would be on a "Music For Your Wedding" CD from Party City, I'm going to hook you up with the tastiest acoustic guitar and violin duets with that roots-y vibe you're going for. Similarly, there is no underestimating the atmosphere that a live jazz or bluegrass ensemble creates for your cocktail hour.


This generation is rewriting the rule books on weddings and I think it's great. There are a lot of things in "traditional weddings" that we don't need and there are a lot of modern additions to weddings that are great. 

Live music is a tradition of celebrations since music and celebrations started. Your parents like live music, your friends like live music. 

You have one chance to dance with your spouse for the first time as a married couple. Do you want it to be to the same recording that was played on the radio for the past 20 years or do you want it to be a completely unique performance, just for you two?


Article: Why There's No Substitute for Live Music at Your Wedding

By Melanie R. Flannery 



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