Spring 2016 Student Recital

Spring! My favorite time of year. Our annual spring recital is one of my favorite events. The recital gives my students a chance to perform in front of their parents and peers.  They get to show what music they've been working on and gain experience performing for a live audience. 

Amanda Coniglio played "Chanson" by Alan Hirsh.

I always remind my students that the recital is not a competition.  Music is a journey and some students have started earlier than others and are consequently further along. The recital was given at the Weymouth House in Southern Pines.  The "great room" as it is called, has wonderful acoustics. 

                                 John Kyle Coniglio, Ben Lewis, and Amanda Coniglio

In addition to each student performing as a soloist we also have some ensemble music prepared.  John Kyle, Ben and Amanda played an early Baroque trio titled "When Daphne."

I joined John Kyle in playing  a Two Part Invention by J.S. Bach

Our final trio was a brisk Rondo by Mauro Giuliani.

The students who performed as soloists:

Alex Zheng, (violin) Joseph Lin, (violin) taught by my wife, Seren; and the guitarists, Nathan Broadwater, Cindy Lin, Robert Seals, Rachel Gross, Amanda Coniglio, Ben Lewis and John Kyle Coniglio.

For more photos and to watch video of the ensemble performances, please visit the photo gallery at WarrenHenryLewis.com.

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