Praise For Danny Infantino

The recorded sound is very vivid and present (somewhat close and larger-than-life, but tonally sumptuous), and the playing is soulful. Danny has scads of technique but keeps it from calling attention of itself. He is a true poet in that his utterances are essentially vocal. He always respects the integrity of the vocal line and always conveys the meaning of the words. No flash, no noodlin’. Just music.
— John Marks, from "Heard in These Parts" at
Danny’s debut CD is a delightful platter serving up lovely arrangements played with sensitivity, soul, and a big beautiful sound.
— Howard Morgen, jazz guitarist and Fingerstyle Magazine columnist

Black Is the Color of My True Love's Hair", from Danny Infantino: More...Songs Without Words:

Danny Infantino’s classical guitar should sound lively but not scratchy and fatiguing, with solid, woody tones from the guitar’s body. A poetic performance well worth seeking out.
— John Marks, Stereophile Buyer's Guide 2008, Stereophile Magazine

Say the Word... Sing the Song

Danny, Stephen Smith, and Peter Yarrow at the Kerrville Music Festival in 1994

Danny, Stephen Smith, and Peter Yarrow at the Kerrville Music Festival in 1994

"Danny Infantino and Stephen Smith have a big hit with their CD “Say the Word… Sing the Song.” Stephen’s words imbued with Danny’s music. What a team! It’s no wonder they were the winners of the New Folk Songwritting Compettition in Kerrville, Texas in 1997. These guys will have you laughing your head off in one piece and rip your heart out with the next. Repeatedly. Just when you think you’ve recovered from the 1-2 combo of “Bomb Dream,” a fantasy of adolescent love, and “Starting Over,” a haunting piece with a you can’t go home again theme, they do it again with “Senior Talent Night” and "Sherry”.”

- David Carpenter, from PineStraw Magazine.

Table for Two

Few musicians could so thoughtfully and seamlessly combine such diverse international works. Nowhere else on earth will you find the operatic melody ‘O mio caro’ by Puccini and two concertos by Vivaldi woven so eloquently together with the blues classic ‘House of the Rising Sun,’ the Brazilian bossa nova styled ‘Danny’s Bossa’ and the Celtic classic ‘Danny Boy!’

This international feast of music is not merely for dining. It’s great for relaxing, thinking or just humming along.
— David Carpenter, from PineStraw Magazine