The Danny Infantino Endowment Fund

Benefiting the Weymouth Center for the Arts and Humanities

Young Musicians Festival

Mail to:

Ry Southard, Executive Director

Weymouth Center for the Arts & Humanities

555 East Connecticut Avenue

P.O. Box 939

Southern Pines, NC 28388

To make a contribution to the fund,

please make a check out to:

Friends of Weymouth, Inc.

In the memo line, please add:

“Infantino YMF Fund”


Teaching music was a very significant part of Danny’s life. He was a natural educator, as natural to him as it was performing and writing music. It was part of the whole package that was Danny’s incredible musicianship.

Since the early 1980s, The Weymouth Center for the Arts and Humanities in Southern Pines, NC has held its annual Young Musicians Festival (for more information about the YMF, see images below). Danny has had many of his guitar students participate over the years, and it was an event that he felt very proud to be involved with as a music educator. The Young Musicians Festival is an integral part of what Weymouth stands for as a promoter of the arts and music for students in The Sandhills, and it will remain so for as long as Weymouth is in existence.

With this in mind, it was important to me not only as his wife, but as a fellow musician, teacher and supporter of music education, to recognize the significance of Danny’s contribution to the community in this way, and to ensure that his legacy as such remains a force for good for years to come.

Therefore, I am very excited to announce that, along with the Friends of Weymouth, Inc., I am establishing a fund in Danny’s memory to benefit the Weymouth Young Musicians Festival. It will be a endowment fund for the exclusive use of the YMF. Weymouth intends to expand the YMF in the coming years, and it brings me joy to know that this fund will help accomplish this. I can’t wait to see the continued impact that the YMF will have on the music community in the future.

This is a difficult time for all of us, as Danny had such an incredible impact on so many. Our shared grieving is profound and indefinite, and it will be challenge to learn how to continue on without him. He may no longer be with us physically, but my hope is that, in creating this fund in his memory, it will be one way in which we can help keep him present in the community, and provide a bit of comfort as we ensure that he continues to have a positive impact on music education in the future.

Seren Lyerly Infantino

March 31, 2019



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